Carolina Yacht Club Sportsmanship Award  

The CYC Sportsmanship Award may be awarded annually at the discretion of the Sailing/Regatta Committee. The Award need not be given every year. The Award is given to a member or members who exemplify the traditional Corinthian values of fair play and sportsmanship and concern for fellow competitors within the sport of sailing. The award is intended to recognize specific, salient incidents of sportsmanship, but also may be awarded for a lifetime of contribution to sportsmanship as an ideal. Any club member wishing to make a nomination for the Sportsmanship Award should deliver a letter of nomination to the club office no later than Labor Day to be reviewed by the Sailing/Regatta committee.




Past Recipients

1991 Joe James
1992 John Sawyer
1993 Mike Brown
1994 Bob Creighton
1996 Bob Martin
1997 Leigh Murray
1999 Roy Hobbs
Paul Rhinehart
2000 Richard Waldkirch
2001 Martin Willard
2002 Mickey Southerland
John Sawyer
Jim Overton
2003 Henry Singletary
2004 Greg Zach
2005 Chip Whitesides
Arland Whitesides
2006 Paul Rhinehart
2007 Ellie Stone
2008 Sterling Powell
2009 Carol Waldkirch
2010 Anne Allen
2011 Bob Cowen
2012 Beth McLean
Ward McLean
2013 Bill Smith, IV
2014 Jim Overton
2015 Boo Carraway
2016 John Fragakis
2017 Andy Wittman
2018 Chip Whitesides
2019 Larry Mass


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