BrotherHood of International Markboat Operators.

Interestingly the Brotherhood was formed at one of our Sister City’s , Savannah,Georgia, in preparation for the 1996 Sailing Olympics .  According to official documents provided by our founder Grady Foster,  after a very difficult day in very big seas , a group of mark boat operators banded together and issued a set of demands to the Olympic Race Officials.  It is unclear whether their demands were met.  In any event this banding together formed the nidus for the Brotherhood affectionately known at the BIMBO’s.

Currently there are members and chapters all over the world making sure PRO’s look good. The organization is complete with a website and headquarters in the Netherlands.  They even have a facebook page.

CYC has been awarding a BIMBO of the year trophy every year since 2006.  After nominations are made the Central Committee sends the year’s award winner’s name by carrier pigeon prior to our annual awards ceremony. 

Below are our previous recipients:


Past Recipients

2006 Jim Overton
2007 Sterling Powell
2008 Bob Thomson
2009 Henry Singletary
2010 David Nance
2011 Chip Till
2012 Dodds
2013 Braxton James
2014 Joe Baggett
2015 Bill Raney
2016 Josh Stone
2017 Rob McEachern
2018 Charles Smith
2019 Jesse Shumway


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