Do I need to be a member of the Carolina Yacht Club to enroll in the Jr. Sailing Program?

No. However, you must be sponsored by a member. In addition, members have priority until priority registrations are due. You can find dates on this by going HERE.


How soon should I register?

Jr. Sailing classes fill up quickly. You should plan to start registering for classes as soon as the Jr Sailing schedule is finalized for the current year, usually early January. If you have any questions please call the office.


Can I enroll / pay online?

You may download the necessary registration forms HERE. Registrations can be faxed, mailed or turned into the office in person. Non-members must include payment with their application.


Which class should my child enroll in?

This depends on the child's sailing experience. If they have had no instruction in smaller boats they should take beginner or intro to sailing. Older beginners can skip intro and go directly into the beginner class.


Does my child need to know how to swim?



What gear does my child need?

Sunglasses, towel, bathing suit, closed toed shoes (that will not come off in the water), sunscreen, water and a snack for the end of the class.


How does my child advance to the next program level?

Sailing is unique because simply taking a course does not automatically qualify them for the next in sequence. All skills must be mastered in order to get the most from their next class. The young sailors comfort level on the water is also important because conditions are always different. More advanced classes will sail in greater amounts of wind. It is not uncommon for children to repeat beginner or intermediate classes before moving on in the sequence.


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